iTac2 StickIT – Regular Pole Fitness Grip

iTac2 StickIT – Regular Pole Fitness Grip


iTac2® Pole Fitness Grip is a unique wax based grip aid you apply to your body and equipment to increase your grip, repel water, stop sweat and increase your overall performance.

Introducing iTac2 Pole Fitness Grip – Unleash Your Pole Dancing Potential!

Step into the world of pole fitness with confidence and grace, powered by iTac2 Pole Fitness Grip. Specially designed for pole dancers of all levels, this beeswax-based grip product is your ultimate partner in achieving gravity-defying moves and breath taking routines.

Key Features:

Enhanced Pole Grip: iTac2 Pole Fitness Grip is specially formulated to provide an unbeatable grip on the pole, ensuring you stay firmly anchored during spins, inversions, and complex tricks. Experience a seamless flow through your movements, as iTac2 keeps your hands and body securely in place, empowering you to reach new heights in your pole fitness journey.

Beeswax-based Formula: We understand the importance of nourishing your skin while perfecting your moves. That’s why iTac2 harnesses the natural power of beeswax, offering a gentle and non-irritating grip solution. Pamper your skin with this skin-friendly formula and relish in the smooth, comforting texture that’ll boost your confidence on the pole.

Designed for Pole Dancers: iTac2 Pole Fitness Grip is tailored to cater specifically to the needs of pole dancers. Its unique grip strength ensures a flawless hold on the pole, allowing you to focus solely on your artistry and technique. No more slips or grip-related worries, only an exhilarating and fluid pole dance performance.

Versatility: Embrace the versatility of iTac2! Not only does it amplify your pole grip, but it also offers reliable support for your body grips and leg holds. Apply iTac2 wherever you need that extra hold, and witness how it effortlessly transforms your pole fitness prowess.

Long-lasting Performance: iTac2’s long-lasting grip effect guarantees uninterrupted practice sessions and exceptional performances. Even during intense pole workouts, iTac2 remains grippy, enabling you to push your boundaries and express yourself fearlessly on the pole.

Easy Application and Removal: Preparing for your pole dance routine is hassle-free with iTac2. Simply apply a small amount onto your hands, body or pole and immerse yourself in the experience. When you’re done, clean-up is a breeze, with warm water or a wet cloth. We recommend iTac2 Pole Cleaner for removal from your pole to keep it immaculate.

Embrace the artistry of pole fitness, feel the connection with the pole, and captivate your audience with iTac2 Pole Fitness Grip. Unleash your potential, embrace your passion, and soar to new heights in the world of pole dancing.

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