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Gain a Competitive Edge over your opponent


More Power - More Moves
Increase your ability Vertically and Horizontally

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A Secure sense is achieved

More Power - More Control

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iTac2 Advantage!

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Get it Wet!
Straight up, Make the move

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On the mark improved performance


Make more Moves
Get on the edge this summer!

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iTac2 gives you Air Time


Improved Racquet Linkage
Relaxed grip for better placement and power

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Put the ball where you want it


Always on the Jack
Perfect release and control

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iTac2 will last until the end


Own the Court
Make the ball move where you want it - Faster

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Play your game not your opponent


Relax your Grip
Add more power to your stroke

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Less hand fatigue and more energy!


Throw Further
Gain control in all weather conditions

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iTac2 for all players, not just the goalie!

More Power - More Control

Get the
iTac2 Advantage

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Control the Ball
and own the game!

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Play sharper and Quicker


Go further than ever
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Own the Game


More Grip
More Guts - More Glory

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Crush the Game


iTac2 is the leading Sports Grip from Australia
Used by World Champions and Athletes around the Globe in many sports

Made using Natural Australian Beeswax, Look to nature to find the answers!
ITAC2 = I Total Absolute Control Too


Well, lots of reasons, but most importantly because..

Totally Water Repellent Grip

Above or Below water, iTac2 naturally enhances linkage with your equipment. Using a unique Beeswax formula iTac2 makes you in contact with the surface.

High Level of Grip

A noticeable difference right away! Improve and enhance surface tension. Hold, control, power with more confidence in Wet, humid, hot and dry conditions. iTac2 works for all Sports!

Clean, Safe and Economical

iTac2 is made using Natural Australian Beeswax and Organic plant based esters blended together - with love. iTac2 is easy to use and remember, a small amount goes a long way!

Choice of Champions

In some sports your life depends on your grip, which is why iTac2 has become the 'Choice of Champions' The best high divers in the world RIP IT with iTac2!

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iTac2 Reviews & Testemonials

Read reviews from real iTac2 Athletes

"As I don't wear a glove when playing golf I used iTac2 one Saturday during a competition. It was raining all day I only applied iTac2 three times to my hands which lasted all day it was so easy to apply. It gave me fantastic grip in the rain. I will definitely be using iTac2 all the time wet or dry. I'll also let all my golf friends know about this great product great stuff guys.

Mick Shears

Like many bowlers, I had been using a product that was actually a bowls polish to assist my grip on the bowl. The difference was immediate and amazing, that a small amount on the hand at the start of a game would help me keep a controlled grip on the bowl till the last end. Now a jar of iTac2 grip is always in my bag when I go for a roll, and I recommend it to all the bowlers I meet.

Trevor B

Lawn Bowls Australia
iTac2 pole grip is brilliant! It provides our girls (and boys) of all levels great grip on the pole, in all types of conditions, all types of poles. This in turn brings confidence and control which makes happy pole dancers! Great for spinning - great for aerial - great product all round!

Jacquie S

Bottoms Up! Pole School