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Introducing iTac2, the ultimate grip aid for athletes worldwide! Our wax-based formula is specially designed to enhance your performance by boosting grip, repelling water, and preventing sweat. With a delightful coffee and vanilla aroma fragrance, iTac2 is created from a unique blend of all-natural Beeswax, top-quality Plant Based Esters, and a touch of love.
Trusted by champions in over 45+ countries, our sports grip aid is a game-changer. Explore our website now and unlock the power of iTac2 for your sporting endeavours!

itac2 sports grp

Totally Water Repellent

iTac2 is made to Get Wet! Beeswax is naturally hydrophobic, meaning it repels water.

Clean, Safe and Economical

Made using Natural Australian Beeswax and plant based esters - a little goes a long way!

Super Grip Strength

Available in Regular and Extra Strength, There's a grip strength to suit all sports.

Choice of Champions

Globally backed by Top Athletes, Elevating Performance Standards in Competitive Sports.

Aussie Owned and Made

iTac2 is Manufactured in the Australian Bush and exported all over the world for you to enjoy!

iTac2 A - Z Sports

Discover how iTac2® can elevate your performance.

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" Your Partner in performance "

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iTac2 Sports Grip is an essential at the pool for me. It helps me perform and train to the best of my ability. I use iTac2 every single day and love the product!


Sam Fricker

Australian Olympic Diver
iTac2 is a game-changer for pole dancing and pole fitness. Its formula ensures long-lasting improved grip, making it a favorite among our students. A small amount goes a long way and it’s proven safe because of its ingredients.

Lea Carla Santos

Pole Studio Owner

I’ve been using iTac2 for all my paddling sports including SUP, Ski and outrigging. There isn’t a better product that not only does its job, its also made with organic products.


Ke'ale Dorries

Competitive SUP

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