Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

iTac2® is a unique wax based grip aid you apply to your hands, body and equipment to increase your grip, repel water, stop sweat and increase your overall performance.

Applying iTac2 Sports Grip is a breeze. Simply rub a small amount onto your hands, body, or equipment, and feel the difference instantly.

Remember: It only requires a small amount of iTac2 to achieve maximum grip.

Once applied, iTac2 will continue to enhance your grip until it is rubbed off due to physical contact or sweat. The duration of its effectiveness can vary depending on factors such as the intensity of your activity, the amount applied, and your individual body’s perspiration levels.

It’s worth noting that iTac2 jars are known for their excellent value. For instance, the 200g jar contains over 400 applications, making it a cost-effective choice for those who use it regularly. This means that, for many users, a single jar of iTac2 can last for an extended period, especially when applied sparingly and efficiently.

Removal of iTac2 from the hands and body is effortless with warm water or a wet cloth, leaving no sticky residue behind.

We recommend iTac2 Pole Cleaner to remove iTac2 from your pole to help keep it immaculate.

The choice between Regular and Extra Strength iTac2 Sports Grip depends on your specific needs and the activities you’re involved in.

Regular Strength: Opt for Regular Strength if you require a light touch and release grip while still wanting some slip. This level of grip is suitable for activities like static pole dancing on fitness poles where you need to spin but also maintain extra grip on body contact points. It’s also great for sports like lawn bowls, darts, archery, and performing arts.

Extra Strength: Choose iTac2 Extra Strength when you need a strong, secure grip. It’s highly recommended for water sports due to its water-resistant properties. Additionally, if you’re into sports like Rugby league, AFL, Netball, Handball, or need added grip on the outside of your gloves, Extra Strength iTac2 is the way to go. For pole fitness, especially for inverts, full body holds, and challenging moves, iTac2 Pole Fitness Grip Extra provides an extra layer of security.

iTac2 Sports Grip and Pole Fitness Grip is actually the same Beeswax based product in the jar that you know and love, just re-branded differently for the sports and pole fitness industries. 

Natural Australian Beeswax, Plant based Esters, FDA Approved Isoparaffin.

iTac2 is created to be safe and non-irritating to skin.

Yes, iTac2 is generally considered safe for use. It has been formulated with skin-friendly ingredients and is commonly used in various sports and activities without significant reported adverse effects when used as directed.

Order Questions

We ship worldwide from the Gold Coast, Australia, using DHL Express and Australia Post services.

The shipping cost for retail orders is determined by two factors: your location and the total amount you spend on your order. Shipping rates may vary depending on these factors, and the exact shipping cost will be calculated during the checkout process.

The cost of shipping for wholesale orders is determined by your location and the total weight of your order. Shipping rates may vary accordingly, and the exact amount can be calculated during the checkout process or by contacting our customer support team for a customized shipping quote.

Our website accepts PayPal for all payments.
You can use your PayPal account or you can pay via Credit or Debit Card.

Wholesale accounts have the option to pay via Bank Transfer on larger orders.

Yes we do! iTac2 Sports Grip and iTac2 Pole Fitness Grip is becoming very popular around the world so we have created an easy and convenient way to order bulk iTac2 products on our website.
You can apply for a Wholesale Account HERE.

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