iTac2 F.A.Q.s

iTac2 sports grip is an all-weather long lasting grip product (Cream) you apply to grip, repel water, and increase your griping ability to your sporting equipment. Making you more connected to your sporting equipment with a change in the surface tension on your skin.
iTac2 is a mixture of Organic Beeswax and High Grade Plant Based Esters. iTac2 is Made low allergenic and Balanced PH. iTac2 has a coffee and vanilla aroma fragrance. We blend this together with a little love and produce a good reliable sports grip named iTac2.

iTac2 will last for a whole quarter of netball or last the whole end of Lawns Bowls, 9 to 18 holes of Golf or a set of tennis. iTac2 is long lasting and keeps you linked to your sporting equipment.

iTac2 can be applied with your finger or you can use the iTac2 Stick It twist tube to apply to area required.
5 Minutes Before you start your sport, Apply your iTac2. Always give it a minute or 2 to for it activate (depending on room temperature) to dry. Important: There is no need to keeping rubbing your hands to dry.
If you play ball sports I recommend you apply 2 coats of iTac2 Extra Strength a couple of minutes apart for more grip.
To remove itac2 wash the area with hot soapy water.

So many factors to cover, so many sports to apply iTac2, so many different fields, course conditions, so many weather factors and peoples different body chemistry.
iTac2 will work a little differently for everybody.
Some Extra strength recommendations
I recommend all water sports use iTac2 extra strength.
For Rugby, Rugby League, AFL, Netball and all ball hand contact sports use at least one to two coats of iTac2 Extra Strength for maximum grip.
When you’re playing any sport in the rain use Extra Strength.
If you do pole fitness use Extra Strength for body point contact inverts.
For golf you can use Extra Strength, a little on the hands without the glove the grip is strong so you can relax your hands a lot more and swing straighter and hit with more power. You may to prefer to add some to outside of the glove surface to increase grip.
For surfing put a little of itac2 on the hand and rail to grab more securely to help you up faster on take-off, more confident grip for aerial moves, more air time.
Any sport where you catch and throw recommend itac2 extra strength sports.
Batting or Stick sports recommend extra strength a little on the handle grip and a little itac2 on the hands for complete contact to the surface
Some Regular strength recommendations
If you need a light touch and release grip regular strength is perfect for you.
When you release the bowl off the fingertip in lawn bowls, when you hold the dart in position before release, steading the archery bow to steady and balance to aim.
For performing arts that require body grip
For release and exchange in relay, a lighter but strong grip for table tennis easy to release and change grip position.
For pole fitness static poles so you can still spin and extra on the body points contact.

iTac2 is manufactured in Australia in the state of Queensland, in the city Gold Coast. We are on the east coast, the Great Barrier Reef is on our door step and the Great Dividing Range runs down the middle and semi-arid deserts are to the west

Itac2 changes the surface tension on your hands to the surface you are applying pressure to, adding more complete linkage with less pressure.

iTac2 is made with natural organic Australian beeswax.
Beeswax is natures answer to water proofing. Beeswax has a long history with humans as a source of natural water resistance and repellent material from nature, Beeswax is a gift from bees.

Order F.A.Q.s

iTac2 is based on the Gold Coast, Australia.
Orders placed within Australia are shipped with Australia Post Parcel Post or Express Post.
Orders placed anywhere else in the world are shipped with DHL Express.

iTac2 accepts most payment methods such as, PayPal, Credit Cards, American Express, Diners Club etc.
All orders are processed with the highest security and privacy.