What is iTac2 & How can it help?

iTac2 Sports Grip is an all-weather, long lasting grip product (Wax based cream) you apply to your body and equipment to grip, repel water, stop sweat and increase your overall performance.

iTac2 is made from a mixture of Natural Beeswax, High-Grade Plant Based Esters and a coffee and vanilla aroma fragrance. We blend this together with a little love and produce an amazing sports grip that gets used by athletes  in over 70+ countries around the world.

How to use iTac2

Scoop a small amount of product out of the container and apply to your skin and/or equipment.
Wait a minute for the iTac2 to activate and then you are good to go!

iTac2 Sports and Pole Dance Grip comes in 2 grip levels - Regular and Extra Strength. iTac2 Sports and Pole Dance Grip can be used on any part of your body or equipment where you require an extra grip.

Remember: It only requires a small amount of iTac2 to achieve maximum grip.

Clean, Safe & Economical

iTac2 is made using Natural Australian Beeswax and plant based esters blended together - with love. iTac2 is easy to use and remember, a small amount goes a long way!

Easy to clean off the equipment

iTac2 is very easy to clean off your body and equipment- we recommend using our iTac2 Pole Cleaner or you can also use warm soapy water

Choice of Champions

Try iTac2 for youself and find out why so many pole athletes, amateurs, sportspeople and even olympians swear by it! They call it their 'secret weapon'

iTac2 Pole Dance Grip Testimonials

Don't just take our word! There's a reason iTac2 is used by Olympians and Athletes all around the world in over 70+ Countries!


Professional Pole Dancer
Being a naturally sweaty person I struggle with grip as it is, so when i started pole my confidence was lacking a lot! Until i was introduced to this magical product! I now have the confidence on the pole to keep practicing the moves over and over! Thank you itac2!


Works like magic. Feel so secure on the pole. Won’t tackle tricky moves without it.


I absolutely love the iTac products. It is perfect for the days when my skin is dry and I'm struggling to stay on the pole - it keeps me from getting demotivated and gives me that extra little boost :)


I love it! I practice pole fitness and I have to say it works perfectly. Highly recommended. I was amazed and happy the package arrived earlier so I am ready for my next class.

How can iTac2 Help Your Sport

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