What is iTac2® Sports and Pole Fitness Grip?

Put simply, iTac2® is a wax based grip aid you apply to your hands, body and equipment to increase grip, repel water, stop sweat and increase your overall performance in your sport. Simply apply a little bit of product to the desired area and wait 60 seconds and you're good to GRIP!

iTac2 is manufactured on the pristine Gold Coast, Australia. We use only the cleanest beeswax sourced locally from our mates around Australia. Every step we take we try our best to create minimal waste and re-use and recycle as much as we can to help protect our beautiful environment.

Our Story

iTac2 started in Australia in 2007 in a home garage. Warren (CEO) was a French Poilisher by trade, so he had years of knowledge about different types of waxes and resins behind him. He played golf and struggled with sweaty hands and his brother played lawn bowls but had trouble gripping his lawn bowls due to a disability from birth.
This is when he developed a beeswax grip product that helped the problems he and his brother faced. He shared his invention around at local sports clubs and received amazing feedback from all types of sports. He soon realised that almost every sport requires some sort of grip for the body or sporting equipment. And so, iTac2 Sports Grip was born.
iTac2 is now stocked in over 70 contries worldwide and used by beginners all the way up to Olympic Champions.

Frequently Asked Questions

iTac2 Sports Grip is an all-weather, long lasting grip product (Wax based cream) you apply to your body and equipment to grip, repel water, stop sweat and increase your overall performance.

iTac2 is made from a mixture of Natural Beeswax, High-Grade Plant Based Esters and a coffee and vanilla aroma fragrance. We blend this together with a little love and produce an amazing sports grip that gets used by athletes  in over 70+ countries around the world.

Once applied, iTac2 will provide you grip until the product is rubbed off from contact or sweat.

Our iTac2 jars are very economical and provide great value with the 200g jar containing over 400 applications.

Scoop a small amount of product out of the container and apply to your skin and/or equipment.
Wait a minute for the iTac2 grip to dry and activate and then you are good to go!

iTac2 Sports and Pole Fitness Grip can be used on any part of your body or equipment where you require an extra grip.

Remember: It only requires a small amount of iTac2 to achieve maximum grip.

iTac2 Sports Grip and Pole Fitness Grip comes in 2 grip levels - Regular and Extra Strength.

iTac2 works a little differently for everyone due to weather conditions and body temperatures etc. but below we have some recommendations to help you decide which grip strength you require.

Regular Strength
If you only need a light touch and release grip, Regular Strength is perfect for you. Regular Strength still has a strong hold but still allows a bit of slip.
We recommend Regular Strength for static pole dance fitness poles so you can still spin but have extra grip on the body contact points.
Some sports that could use Regular Strength grip are lawn bowls, darts, archery, performing arts etc.

Extra Strength
We recommend iTac2 Extra Strength grip for when you require a strong grip and secure hold.
iTac2 works well for all water sports due to being water resistant.
For Rugby league, AFL, Netball and Handball sports iTac2 Extra is highly recommended. iTac2 also works on the outside of your gloves for and extra layer of grip.
iTac2 Pole Fitness Grip Extra is recommended for inverts, full body holds and risky manquers to provide and extra layer of security.

iTac2 Sports Grip and iTac2 Pole Fitness Grip are actually the same formula in the jar, The Pole Dance Grip is just re branded for the pole fitness industry.

iTac2 Sports Grip is proudly Australian owned and made.

We are based on the Gold Coast, Queensland, the beach is at our door step and the bush is right behind us.

Our aim is to reuse and recycle as much as we can, creating minimal waste in this beautiful planet.