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  • About iTac2

    iTac2 is a relatively new company that’s quietly making a big impression on top athletes around the world. iTac2 was inspired by my brothers need for grip, so a bit of inspiration and an invention in my home garage came iTac2 Sports Grip. iTac2 has been embraced by the sporting community by delivering them an amazing product that gives the potential to tackle and create new and exciting manoeuvres that are both breathtaking and gravity defying. ITac2 has changed the dynamics of some sports, already taking them to new heights. iTac2 delivers you the confidence to challenge yourself at any level from beginner to professional with the amazing grip in all weather.

What is iTac2?

iTac2 sports grip is an all-weather, long lasting grip product (Cream) you apply to grip, repel water, and increase your gripping ability to your sporting equipment. Making you more connected to your sporting equipment with a change in the surface tension on your skin.

iTac2 is a mixture of Organic Beeswax and High-Grade Plant Based Esters. iTac2 has a coffee and vanilla aroma fragrance. We blend this together with a little love and produce an amazing sports grip

Easy Directions

Take a small amount of itac2 on to your finger and rub on to your hands and or body, then wait be patient for one minute for itac2 to activate.
To remove itac2 from body and/or hands use hot soapy water.
To remove itac2 from your pole we recommend itac2 pole cleaner.