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The Incredible Journey of iTac2: From Garage Invention to Worldwide Grip Phenomenon

Back in 2007, in a simple home garage in Australia, something extraordinary began. Warren, our CEO and a skilled French Polisher, knew a thing or two about waxes and resins. He loved playing golf, but sweaty hands made it tough, and his brother, who had a lifelong disability, struggled to grip his lawn bowls.

But Warren wasn’t one to give up easily. He got to work and created a special beeswax grip product that worked wonders for both of them. Excited by his invention, he shared it with local sports clubs, and the response was incredible. Athletes from all walks of life raved about it. That’s when Warren realized that almost every sport needed a reliable grip for the body or equipment.

And just like that, iTac2 Sports Grip was born.

Today, iTac2 is a global sensation, available in over 45 countries. From beginners to Olympic Champions, athletes worldwide swear by its performance. What started in a garage has become a game-changer, helping athletes unleash their full potential.

Come, be a part of our gripping revolution. Experience the difference iTac2 can make in your sport. Our journey is a testament to the power of innovation and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Let iTac2 elevate your game, from humble beginnings to extraordinary achievements.

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More about us..

17 Years later we’re still operating and manufacturing one of the best sports grip aids in the world.

with our small team here in Australia we Manufacture, Market, Innovate and Ship iTac2 products around the world all while being as environmentally conscious as we can by reducing, reusing and recycling.

We also support the community by being involved with and sponsoring local and international events when possible. As well as hosting Giveaways on our Social Media Channels.

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