iTac2 Sports Grip is a sports grip aid that has helped push the limits in the diving community. iTac2 is used on your body and hands to help grip when spinning in the air. Made using Natural Australian Beeswax and plant based esters blended together, iTac2 is easy to use - and remember, a small amount goes a long way!

Clean, Safe & Economical

iTac2 is made using Natural Australian Beeswax and plant based esters blended together - with love. iTac2 is biodegradable, easy to use and remember, a small amount goes a long way!

Easy to clean off body

iTac2 is very easy to clean off your body and equipment - we recommend using warm soapy water

Choice of Champions

Try iTac2 for youself and find out why so many athletes, amateurs, sportspeople and even olympians swear by it! They call it their 'secret weapon'

What is iTac2?

iTac2 Sports Grip is an all-weather, long lasting grip product (Cream) you apply to grip, repel water, and increase your gripping ability to your sporting equipment.

iTac2 is a mixture of Natural Beeswax and High-Grade Plant Based Esters. iTac2 has a coffee and vanilla aroma fragrance. We blend this together with a little love and produce an amazing sports grip

How to use iTac2

iTac2 Sports Grip can be used on any part of your body or equipment where you require an extra grip. Our high divers love using it on their hands, arms and legs to stop any slipping when rotating in the air. iTac2 Sports Grip comes in two Grip levels, iTac2 regular and extra strength. Choose the grip that suits your needs.

IMPORTANT: It only requires a minimal amount of the iTac2 product to achieve maximum grip.

iTac2 Sports Grip Testimonials

Don't just take our word! There's a reason iTac2 is used by Olympians and Athletes all around the world in over 70+ Countries!


Competitive Diving
I've been using iTac2 for a while and it's the best there is. I apply it to my legs so i can get a good grip when doing multiple somersaults so I don't slip out of my shapes. Divers its a must have product!


High Diver
I use this in diving to help get a good grip during my dives. I find that it's pretty waterproof and stays on during practice. Also a tub lasts a very long time.


Perfect for Diving! Stays put and Stays tacky. Will never dive without iTac2 again!


iTac2 performs great when wet in the pools. It helps make me feel more secure and increases my confidence when diving.

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