What is a Sports Grip Aid?

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So you might be thinking, what is a sports grip aid and do I need it?

If you struggle passing the Rugby ball in wet conditions or the Netball ball slips out of your hands constantly a sports grip aid would be beneficial for you!

You may have never heard of a sports grip or a grip aid but surely enough, there are 1000’s of atheltes using sports grips in 100s of different sports around the world.

iTac2 specifically, is a harmless and natural based product, with the main gripping agent being Beeswax. The Beeswax is melted down and mixed with plant based esters and a little coffee aroma and set in our 20g, 45g, 200g and StickIT tubes.

itac2 sports grip

Our Sports Grip can be applied directly onto the skin on any part of your body where you require a firm grip. It can also be applied externally, onto your sports equipment such as football gloves, golf gloves etc.

Many call iTac2 Sports Grip their ‘secret weapon’ because it dries invisible and gives them an edge over their opponents.

iTac2 has been around since early 2007, when it was invented in a home garage on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

It was developed to help assist a family member who struggled with his hand grip on the bowl when playing lawn bowls.

After the word spread around the local bowls clubs, other sports started hearing about this invention and applied it to their sports with incredible results.

Fast forwad to now, iTac2 Sports Grip is stocked in over 70 Countries around the world and is used by amateurs to professionals in over 100 sports.

So if you struggle on the field with any sort of grip issues, give iTac2 Sports Grip a go!

Available in Regular and Extra Strength you’ll be sure to find a level that works for you.