iTac2 Sports Grip for Stand-up Paddle

iTac2 Sports Grip is a grip aid which is widely used in the Pole Fitness Industry. iTac2 is loved by many polers from beginners to professionals. iTac2 is all grip, no slip!


iTac2 Pole Fitness Grip

iTac2 pole fitness grip is redefining the world of sports and performing arts giving athletes and performers the perfect body and hand grip they need to create and perform gravity-defying displays. With incredible, spectacular breathtaking vertical aerial manoeuvres from children to senior adults participating. Pole fitness has evolved into the fastest growing core fitness sport of the 21st century. This sport is attracting and Wowing massive spectator crowds around the world every year and no sign of slowing down.

iTac2  assists athletes in taking their performances to a new height and degree of creativity to achieve personal perfection. ITac2 is one of the lasting names in pole fitness grip aids delivering a grip to match pole dance fitness evolution over the last 10 years, iTac2 is about helping people achieve a new level of confidence and inspiring new manoeuvres in performing art and dance.

The iTac2 product you see and use today has evolved from the input of many Pole fitness enthusiasts and athletes from all over the world, we listened to you, and we made improvements over this time to deliver the most trusted grip aid to date.


How to use iTac2 Pole Fitness Grip

IMPORTANT: It only requires a minimal amount of the iTac2 product to achieve maximum grip.

Itac2 can be used on different parts of the body such as shins, thighs and hands to achieve grip in required areas to perform. You must have a controlled linkage to your chosen pole apparatus to succeed. Itac2 Pole Fitness Grip comes in two Grip levels iTac2 regular and extra. Use itac2 with Stainless Steel poles, Brass Poles, Chrome Poles, Titanium Poles Spin poles, Removable Poles, Stage Poles.  Choose the grip that suits your needs. Itac2 Pole Fitness Grip is the Choice of Champions all over the world.

itac2 uses a unique blend of 100% Organic Australian Beeswax from the Channel Country of Western Queensland, as well as plant-based esters to increase your gripping ability. Polers and performers tell us itac2 is more than just a grip  It’s about feeling secure and trusting in yourself as well” you may wish to explore explosive moves on the pole and need to feel the security of the grip strength to hold your own weight. Itac2 definitely aids you to reach your goals as well helping beginners to gain confidence as they build up their hand and arm strength to hold and lift. “Pole people say itac2 has saved them from a lot of minor and serious injuries” itac2 is less pressure to achieving maximum grip.

Clean, Safe & Economical

iTac2 is made using Natural Organic Australian Beeswax and plant based esters blended together - with love. iTac2 is easy to use and remember, a small amount goes a long way!

Easy to clean off the pole

iTac2 is very easy to clean off the pole - we recommend using our iTac2 Pole Cleaner or you can also use warm soapy water

Choice of Champions

Try iTac2 for youself and find out why so many pole athletes, amateurs, sportspeople and even olympians swear by it! They call it their 'secret weapon'

iTac2 Sports Grip Product Range


iTac2 Pole Dance Fitness Grip drastically improves your Pole Skills by giving you a strong grip on the pole making you feel more secure which allows you to push yourself harder than ever!


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iTac2 is a relatively new company that’s quietly making a big impression on top athletes around the world. iTac2 was inspired by my brothers need for grip, so a bit of inspiration and an invention in my home garage came iTac2 Sports Grip.

iTac2 has been embraced by the sporting community by delivering them an amazing product that gives the potential to tackle and create new and exciting manoeuvres that are both breathtaking and gravity defying. ITac2 has changed the dynamics of some sports, already taking them to new heights. iTac2 delivers you the confidence to challenge yourself at any level from beginner to professional with the amazing grip in all weather.



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