iTac2 wants to be a part of your Event!

Receive FREE iTac2 Products for your event to put in Giveaways, Goodie bags etc.


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Are you hosting a Sporting Event or Competition and looking for Sponsors to provide gifts, samples, prizes and raffle goodies?
iTac2 Loves to be a part of the Sporting Community and we would love to be at your Event!

iTac2 Event Sponsorship program.
We understand that every event is unique and the below details are just an outline.

The Benefits of having iTac2 at your Event.
What we do:
- You will receive FREE iTac2 Products & Samples for your Event
- You will receive a FREE Targeted Social Media Boost (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
- You will receive iTac2's Media Kit containing Logos, Product Photos and Marketing Material for your Event.
- Website Blog Post after the Event.

Your responsibility:
- We must have our logo on Event Website/Page.
- We must receive photo and video evidence of iTac2 Inclusions at your event.
- We must have mentions of iTac2 Sponsorship on all Social Media Platforms.
- We must receive Written and Video Testimonials of iTac2 Products.
- We must receive Photos and Videos of Winners and Runner ups with iTac2 Products.

- Competitions must be submitted a minimum of 3 months prior to the event.
- Artwork and logo information or media kit for the event can be supplied on approval or within 60 days of the event.
- Sample and itac2 product amounts give are calculated on information supplied by you about the event.
- We have a set maximum amount of approvals per month. Early Bird catches the worm.
- You must supply evidence of itac2 inclusion at your event.
- Samples will be Dispatch 14 days prior to event date) on confirmation of event been held.
- Supply itac2 with updates of inclusion of itac2 in your marketing program before and during the event artwork posters etc.
- Supply some itac2 product logo placements and athletes photos testimonials from the event.
- Supply some raw video at the event including itac2 mentions and thank you. Please speak in your local language as well English if possible.
- You will allow itac2 to use all supplied marketing media kit information from to reuse for cross marketing for the event and future itac2 marketing programs.
- Use not limited to use any part material in any format supplied for re-use for cross marketing.
- The organizers recognize that Itac2 has no liability with any claim public liability and or insurance claims at the said named organizer event and venue at said the time of the event.
- You must supply evidence required within the required time frame of the event 14 days of completion/ after the event.
- Itac2 Company policy is to issue an invoice to the wholesale value of itac2 goods supplied including freight and any associated costs to collect payment for for-fit of responsibility.
- Itac2 to reserves the right to withdraw from the event if terms and conditions are not meet
- Itac2 reserves the right to withdraw from any event if it so decided so at any time with no prejudice held or monetary liability for non-participation at event
- We do not do any cash payments for events
- For publishers, on blogs and magazines editorial we are happy to supply product to fundraise money in exchange for press