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Shot Put

iTac2 can be used for various athletics and it is best to find the grip and release to suit your sport and weather conditions. If the track conditions are poor and the weather is a problem then increase your grip level.


iTac2 in soccer can have multiple uses. On the players hands for the throw in On the goalkeeper's hands to save those goals Put some on your boots to bend the ball more when kicking and grip the ball in the wet

Sport Shooting

iTac2 enables you to keep a good grip on the gun giving you quick grip with no slip so as to help speed up your aiming and firing time. Being able to keep a flowing movement makes it excellent for clay shooting, and hunting, in all weather conditions. Imagine being able to handle all aspects of the gun more easily and there being less chance of it slipping in your hand, including when you are reloading.

Sky Gliding

Hanging on is the most important thing when changing direction in the wind and this takes a lot of strength. iTac2 makes it possible to grip the handle/cross bar making sure your hands do not slip. You can use a lighter grip but still achieve strong constant positive control


When you swing that bat you need a sure grip without any slipping at all. A little of iTac2 will make sure you have control of that bat in all weather conditions, and if you wear gloves you can always rub some itac2 on the glove surface to improve your grip.

Shuttle Cock

A racquet sport played normally indoors so as not to be effected by wind. With this sport you have a tendency to be constantly sweating. A small amount of iTac2 on the hand will give that perfect control of your racquet.


iTac2 can be used to improve grip on the cue to ensure no slipping when shooting the balls into the pocket. It is best to find the grip and release to suit your needs


Racquet tape can become very slippery when you're consistently sweating. It makes it hard to control your shots. A small amount of iTac2 grip on your hand will overcome these problems and improve your game and placement.


When you go surfing iTac2 increases your hand grip on the rail of the board making it excellent for when duck diving a wave, hanging onto the board to do aerial tricks and the tube rides. Also to do quick short starts into tubes. iTac2 makes sure your hands don't slip when you go to push up and stand up to ride the wave. Normally you have to squeeze tight onto the rail with your hands to hold on to board. Be secure in your grip and improve your surfing style. Try iTac2.