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Netball is one of the few sports that is played both indoors and outdoors on many different court surfaces A fast paced sport where accuracy, speed, and control under pressure are essential for success. Ball retention is absolutely vital in Netball. Being able to catch, pass, and score at speed requires great skill, awareness, and experience. Itac2 helps you achieve a faster pace on the court ball linkage and feed to the scoring circle. Stick that pass to your hands when you intercept it, or reach to the end of your fingertips to stop a goal. Clearing the centre court to sending or receiving overhead pass. Player to player marking, to blocking the direction of the ball with your fingertips to gain possession. Itac2 extra strength sports grip supplies a real edge over your opponents!

The only thing you know for sure that hasn’t changed is…. you will be sweating on the court during the game whether its day or night, rain, hail, or shine, hanging on to that ball is your ultimate priority. We designed itac2 to increase grip in the wet and sweaty conditions of Netball. Itac2 gives a total water repellent surface that delivers you incredible gripping ability. It also has the added bonus of retaining total grip for over a full half of the game. Look to nature and find the answers! We use unique 100% Organic Australian Beeswax from the Channel Country of Western Queensland as a base, as well as plant-based esters for enhanced gripping ability. We have formulated itac2 to increase your grip in humid, hot, sweaty, and wet conditions. Itac2 provides a total water repellent surface with incredible gripping ability. Itac2 is made with 100% organic beeswax We guarantee 100% money back if you are not happy with our itac2.

A little History about Netball Did you know in Australia the term Women’s Basketball was used to refer to both Netball and Woman’s Basketball, until the All Australian Netball Association officially changed the name in 1970. Back In 1963 the first International Tournaments was held in East Bourne, UK and called the World Tournament. It later became known as the World Network Championship and has been held every four years since, most recently in 2011. In 1995, the I.O.C recognized Netball as an Olympic Sport. Three years later it debuted at the 1998 Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur. Currently there are 48 member Nations of the International Federation of Netball Associations.