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Use less effort and energy to achieve grip. iTac2 lets you use less constant pressure to obtain a sure grip on your oar or paddle. Your hands will never slip helping in your stroke strength.

Kite Surfing

Hanging on is the most important thing when changing direction in the wind and this takes a lot of strength. iTac2 makes it possible to grip the handle/cross bar making sure your hands do not slip. You can use a lighter grip but still achieve strong constant positive control

Kick Touch Foot Ball

Kick touch Football is all about speed and ball handling skills without these you can't play. Play in all weather conditions rain, greasy night games, and hot and sweaty day games. iTac2 changes the chances of hanging onto the ball when you get those passes that you really can't reach or quite handle and they just seem to slip through your hands. When that ball hits your hand it just sticks there. Other benefits are the passing has more accuracy and distance in poor conditions. iTac2 makes it easier to hang on and grab the opposition.