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Gaelic Football

Gaelic football is all about speed and ball handling skills without these you can't play. Play in all weather conditions rain, greasy night games, and hot and sweaty day games. iTac2 changes the chances of hanging onto the ball when you get those passes that you really can't reach or quite handle and they just seem to slip through your hands. When that ball hits your hand it just sticks there.


You can use iTac2 to apply to your fingers and hands or if you wear a glove put a small amount onto the outer surface in the palm of your glove to improve your grip. If you find that weather conditions are very bad upgrade your grip to the next level. If you suffer from sweaty hands iTac2 will help overcome this easily or if you have an ailment like arthritis iTac2 is able to improve your game by giving you the ability to make an even light grip/contact with the club handle, a solid grip and nice controlled swing.


Although played indoors iTac2 works for Goalball, with grabbing of the ball, when you are hot and sweating and need it to stick in your hands. When you intercept a pass or you are trying to reach with your fingertips to stop a goal.

Gridiron / American Football

The only way to win gridiron is to be able to hang on to that ball and gain ground. When that pass happens your focus is on receiving that pass and the grip you have is vital, so being able to improve your grip will gain you more yards on the field.


In general, the extra strength is used on the hands and the regular strength on the body. iTac2 enhances grip for balance and suppleness when completing exercises.