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iTac2 allows you to hold your dart without it slipping and gives the instant release you need when throwing at the dartboard.

Discus / Athletics

iTac2 can be used for various athletics and it is best to find the grip and release to suit your sport and weather conditions. If the conditions are poor and the weather is a problem then increase your grip level.


iTac2 can be used for various athletics and it is best to find the grip and release to suit your sport and weather conditions. If the conditions are poor and the weather is a problem then increase your grip level.

Whether from the side of a pool or from a springboard, DIVING is a sport performed by plunging into water. When done by trained athletes, it is one of the most graceful of exhibitions. Diving as a sport demands a spirit of daring from its participants. It also demands coordination, muscular control, and exact timing. Diving requires body conditioning through daily exercise and constant practice. It is gymnastics performed over water. There are six different groups of platform and springboard dives. The first four types involve rotating in different directions relative to the board and the starting position. The fifth group includes any dive with a twist. The final group, used in platform diving, begins with hand stand. When each type of dive is performed, the diver utilises one or more of the four different types of body positions. Itac2 is used when executing a tuck body position.

Itac2 performance, as a water resistant sports grip will give divers the ability to “get a grip on your dive” when executing any dive that requires a tuck body position or rotation movement for a clean entry ‘rip” through the water. Technical improvements in equipment and scientifically founded methods of coaching have seen new dives with higher degrees of difficulty being introduced into International events, creating spectacular viewing for diving fans around the world as the divers skilfully leap from the 10 meters up or from the spring board ,Itac2 is the Grip to Rip. Itac2 is made with 100% certified organic beeswax We guarantee 100% money back if you are not happy with our product.

A bit of History about Diving: At the beginning of the twentieth century, diving obtained growing acceptance in the international arena. In 1904 in St Louis, a platform diving event for men was added to the Olympic programme for the first time. Dr G.E. Sheldon of the United States became the first Olympic diving champion. Springboard diving for men was introduced at the 1908 in London Olympic Games. Platform diving for women followed in 1912 at the Stockholm Olympic Games and women’s springboard was added in 1920 at the Games in Antwerp. Synchronised diving made its Olympic debut at the 2000 Games in Sydney, Australia.


The difference is iTac2 invested in research and development of modern water replant micro waxes and grip enhancement materials to achieve better control. iTac2 works on all surface conditions to improve your control and release. iTac2 over comes sweaty hands, arthritis and muscular aliments and many others.

Dragon Boat

Dragon Boating has a deep tradition of guts and glory, a long history of warrior type a tradition which has evolved and lasted over a millennium. Now Dragon Boating is classed as international sporting event with worldwide clubs and countries vowing to be the best.

Friendly revivals on the water has replaced the dark back ground of Dragon Boating now crews are fitted out with the latest high technology in paddles and Boat composite materials and high tech training programs. When you’re a paddler there are so many different factors that can add to your speed and control some so simple and some much more complicated, some of the most important are Rhythm, Technique, Strength, Fitness, Motivation, Team Work, and your Grip. A Slipping hand on your paddle, a slipping foot can put you completely out of rhythm and control and affecting so many other factors on the boats speed and performance. You can suffer hand fatigue and muscle soreness from squeezing the paddle too tightly while you’re digging deep on your stoke which is distracting and depleting you of your energy and your focus. Your feet can slip on the boats hull when applying pressure during your stroke. It takes a special kind of person to fulfil the disciplines needed to be a Dragon Boater Crew member.

When I worked on designing itac2 their where many things I considered it needed to be. A very natural base, completely water resistant, with a low pressure grip to gain high strength linkage and control, itac2 makes a perfect companion for paddling solving lots of small connected problems with paddling. The amazing thing is we learnt that paddlers also use itac2 on their feet as well to gain grip. Look to nature and find the answers! We use unique 100% Natural Organic Australian Beeswax from the Channel Country of Western Queensland Australia as a base, as well as plant-based esters for added grip. Beeswax is naturally water resistant and the Plant Esters enhance your gripping ability with a more natural feeling. Itac2 is made with 100% Organic beeswax. We Guarantee 100% money back if you’re not happy with itac2.

A little history about Dragon Boating With over 2000 years of Dragon Boating history with roots starting in Southern China and to be depicted in the ancient Greek Olympia. Use for friendly village to village rivalry to the extreme use navel military prowess of a light and fast cavalry on the water. In the early 19th century the early European countries France and Britain moved influence inside the Manchu Qing) Empire to move towards regulations for dragon boat racing as so much corruption, gambling, fighting , control and defence of land surrounded Dragon Boating some up to 100 feet long. Some of the reformers thought that there was hope to make it a sport. Some progress was made towards this in the 1920s to 1950s but in 1960s the communist government decide to enforce a total ban on dragon boating to stop old feudal customs and illegal operations. 1976 The British colony of Hong Kong made a big push on Dragon Boat Tourism witch revitalized it as a wonderful sport for competitors and spectators and the modern sport of Dragon Boating was reborn and reformed all over the world with organized events local and international with television coverage.

Dodge Ball

iTac2 works for bodge ball, with grabbing of the ball, when you are hot and sweating and need it to stick in your hands. When you intercept a pass or you are trying to reach with your fingertips to stop a goal.