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A fast moving racquet sport with changing grip positions extreme heat sweat when playing, what itac2 does enhances your grip making changing the surface tension on your skin and racquets handle, so now you feel more connected to the racquet. Better placement and more power on shots. Itac2 regular may suit some players for a lighter grip but itac2 extra strength sports grip will defiantly increase your contact with the racquet handle. Remember a small amount of itac2 goes a long way.


It's played on natural grass surfaces and modern astor turf. Most modern fields are watered down to slow the surface. This can play havoc with the player having constantly wet hands, making it hard to control the stick and loss of grip. Overcome all these problems with iTac2, giving you positive handling control and shot placement.


Hanging on is the most important thing when changing direction in the wind and this takes a lot of strength. iTac2 makes it possible to grip the handle/Cross bar making sure your hands do not slip. You can use a lighter grip but still achieve strong constant positive control.


When you swing that bat you need a sure grip without any slipping at all. A little of iTac2 will make sure you have control of that bat in all weather conditions, and if you wear gloves you can always rub some itac2 on the glove surface to improve your grip.


You need to move fast, receive fast, pass fast, stop on a dim and turn, be very aware of what’s happening on the court, and stay in control to win the game of basketball. Own the ball time and make the hoops and win the game. Itac2 is great to improve your feel with the ball and control to receive, makes you sharper on the catch. Itac2 is applied to the hands for outdoor courts or indoors. Player also apply small amounts of itac2 to their indoor game shoes to stick to the court a lot more to improve turning power and stopping power with grip speed to the court. Itac2 extra strength for basketball is recommended.

Baton Twirling

iTac2 can be used to improve grip on the baton to ensure no slipping when twirling. It is best to find the grip and release to suit your needs. If the conditions are poor and the weather is a problem then increase your grip level.


Hang on to those handle bars, no slipping on the throttle and the brake. iTac2 will help reduce these problems with total absolute control. If you are wearing a glove rub a small amount onto the surface to increase the grip power. Put some on your boots to grip the pedals.


To play billiards at a competition level takes a great deal of skill and a great eye helps. When you need to slam the shot hard with a twist, with just enough power you need to have total linkage to the cue. You need to touch like a feather light grip to the cue and secure. You will feel the difference in your stoke with light push shots more control and a scene of more power stoke on the break. Itac2 is long lasting and made with organic beeswax and plant esters Recommend itac2 regular for billiards.


The game Boules that give weight to distance and good judgment on release to achieve best placement you need a good grip. Release is the most important moment under hand over hand side on. Control and release itac2 gives you a light but firm scene of grip to give a perfect release Itac2 Regular sports grip is designed as a light finger grip. Extra Strength Grip is a stronger tighter grip allowing you to play in more difficult condition and still be in control with perfect release. If you feel you need a stronger grip try this grip strength? Use iTac2 on natural grass surfaces or artificial turf. Improve your Boules with better control and release and a choice in grip levels to suit your game and conditions.


Lawn Bowls just like golf you curve the ball / Bowls to the target with pin point accuracy. With the modern game of lawn bowls there are so many weights, speeds and lines the bowls will take on release which makes great for a player to fine turn their game. Itac2 is all about you feeling connected control to the bowl from palm to fingertip control and release in all weather and green conditions in door and out door itac2 helps and aids to overcome sweaty hands, arthritis and muscular aliments holding the bowls. Regular Strength Grip is designed as a light finger grip. Extra Strength Grip is a stronger tighter grip allowing you to play in more difficult weather/ green conditions and still be in control with perfect release.


When you go surfing iTac2 increases your hand grip on the rail of the board making it excellent for when duck diving a wave, hanging onto the board to do aerial tricks and the tube rides. Also to do quick short starts into tubes. iTac2 makes sure your hands don't slip when you go to push up and stand up to ride the wave. Normally you have to squeeze tight onto the rail with your hands to hold on to board. Be secure in your grip and improve your surfing style. Try iTac2.