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Relay Athletics

iTac2 can be used for various athletics and it is best to find the grip and release to suit your sport and weather conditions. If the track conditions are poor and the weather is a problem then increase your grip level.


Use less effort and energy to achieve grip. iTac2 lets you use less constant pressure to obtain a sure grip on your oar or paddle. Your hands will never slip helping in your stroke strength.

Rugby Union

One of the most critical aspects of Rugby Union is ball control. If you have ball control, you will have field control, so you should always win. But just hanging on to that ball sometimes becomes a real challenge! It’s very difficult to play it back to your team mates with confidence while under pressure. Being able to pass fast, receive easily, and make accurate and controlled passes. The ability to pick up a grubber kick with one hand or catching that high ball under wet or greasy conditions is critical. Lifting your team mate on a line out easily and controlling that ball placement in the line out.


Put iTac2 on your hands to give you a sure grip on those reins.

Rugby League

Rugby League like Rugby Union is all about ball control, if you have ball control, you have field control and the game. Just hanging on to that ball can become a real challenge to all players! It’s very difficult to pass back to your team mates with confidence while under pressure with a slippery grip. Itac2 enables you to pass fast, receive easily, with more accuracies and control, itac2 assists you to pick up a grubber kick off the ground with one hand or securely catch that high flying ball. Itac2 delivers more finger- tip control for direction, for a secure pass to the receiver and secure possession. Itac2 will add speed to your passes Reduce handling ball errors when the ball is wet or greasy. Catch and keep possession of the ball without it popping out again from your hands and chest itac2 will make that ball stick with confidence. Itac2 helps you hold that tackle to your opponent more securely without them slipping out of the tackle because they are slippery. Itac2 extra strength Rugby League hand and ball sports grip delivers to you a real edge over your opponent!