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It's played on natural grass surfaces and modern Astor turf. Most modern fields are watered down to slow the surface. This can play havoc with the player having constantly wet hands, making it hard to control the stick and loss of grip. Overcome all these problems with iTac2, giving you positive handling control and shot placement.

Lawn Bowls

The difference is iTac2 invested in research and development of modern water replant micro waxes and grip enhancement materials to achieve better control. iTac2 works in all trying weather and surface conditions to improve your control and release. iTac2 over comes sweaty hands, dew and moisture on the green, light rain, slippery hands from applying sun screen, arthritis and muscular aliments and many others. Regular Strength Grip is designed as a light finger grip. Extra Strength Grip is a stronger tighter grip allowing you to play in more difficult condition and still be in control with perfect release. If you feel you need a stronger grip try this grip strength. Use iTac2 on natural grass surfaces or artificial turf. Improve your lawn bowls with better control and release and a choice in grip levels to suit your game and conditions.