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Use less effort and energy to achieve constant grip to your paddle itac2 sports grip helps with better stroke length and consistency. ITac2 lets you use less constant pressure to obtain a secure grip on your oar or paddle your hands will never slip. With the latest high technology in paddles they are lighter in weight and stronger as well boat composite materials are as high tech incorporate modern train methods with your sport to fine turn you. When you’re a paddler there are so many different factors that can add to your speed and control some so simple and some much more complicated, some of the most important are Rhythm, Technique, Strength, Fitness, Motivation, Team Work, and your Grip. A Slipping hand on your paddle, a slipping foot can put you completely out of rhythm and control and affecting so many other factors on the boats speed and performance. You can suffer hand fatigue and muscle soreness from squeezing the paddle too tightly while you’re digging deep on your stoke which is distracting and depleting you of your energy and your focus. Your feet can slip on the boats hull when applying pressure during your stroke. It takes a special kind of person to fulfil all the disciplines require to be a paddler.


iTac2 allows you to hold your mallet without it slipping and gives the instant release you need when knocking the balls around the course through hoops and obstacles.

Cross Country

Put iTac2 on your hands to give you a sure grip on those reins.


Hang on to those handle bars, no slipping on the throttle and the brake. iTac2 will help reduce these problems with total absolute control. If you are wearing a glove rub a small amount onto the surface to increase the grip power. Put some on your boots to grip the pedals.


When you swing that bat you need a sure grip without any slipping at all. A little of iTac2 will make sure you have control of that bat in all weather conditions, and if you wear gloves you can always rub some itac2 on the glove surface to improve your grip. The same can be said for bowling.


iTac2 allows you to hold your bow without it slipping and gives the instant release you need when shooting.


You can use iTac2 to apply to your fingers / hands or glove. Put a small amount onto the outer surface in the palm of your glove to improve your grip. iTac2 is able to improve your game by giving you the ability to make a solid grip/contact with the curling broom or brush to propel the granite stones with a nice controlled propelled hit.